Weekly Color Inspiration {Hot Pink & Gold}

{On all fingers, except index fingers – Essie Fruit Sangria, On index fingers – Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti.}

This week’s manicure just screams fun, doesn’t it?! I was in the mood for fun, so I just went with it. Gold & Hot Pink is a favorite of mine (right up there with Black & Gold and Teal & Gold.) I’m sure it’s more than clear by now that I love all things Gold….I might need to start branching out into some different metallics. Speaking of, has anyone seen or heard of a true ROSE-Gold nail color yet?!?


8 responses

  1. I’m also on the hunt for a rose gold polish – it suits my skin tone better than gold, and would go with my jewellery. Please share if you find it!

    As always, lovely manicure.

    • In early spring, I traepslantnd 3 wild roses from my road to my garden. Most of there leaves fell off, the plant looked un waterered, dead, but I took good care of it and it made a great recovery, all the leaves are finally back. I took 12 more wild roses and made there own flower bed for them. Most of the leaves are already crackly, and falling off. I traepslantnd them about 2 weeks ago. I suspect that most of the leaves will probably fall off anyway, and I think 2 of the wild roses might die, because almost all of there leaves are fallen. Some new leaves are finally starting to grow, and they are a nice green colour. I know they won’t bloom this year, but next year, when, and for long will they bloom? They are about a foot to 2 feet tall, and the ones on the road have been blooming for about a month, but there arn’t very many blooms because no body dead heads or trims them. Thanks:) And one last thing, I have sweet peas, and are about 5-8 inches tall. When will they bloom? Thanks.

  2. I actually had a rose-gold nailpolish for years! It was the mother of all nail colours to me and my fav colour. It shimmered gold – a lot- but had a rose-pink shadow, 0% shine-through, completely covering, it was perfect. But unfortunately, they don’t make it anymore since 2005 or so. You should try the Dutch brand ‘essence’: it’s got magnetic nail polish, crackle polish and that was the brand that sold the rose-gold as well. Super-cheap, but perfect polish; just check if they ship outside Holland, because I don’t know if they only sell it in the Dutch stores ‘Kruidvat’. Anyway, your combo looks fresh, fun and really catches the eye. Love it, gonna do this for NYE party I guess. To live up the little black dress:)

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