Valentine’s DIY {Tea Time}

{This is all you’ll need. I chose pink/red string for a little Valentine’s Flair, but you can use any color combo that strikes your fancy!}

{Fill the teabags with your favorite mixture of loose teas & herbs.}

{Iron the bags shut with an iron set to medium heat.}

{Use your stapler to attach strings & custom labels to the teabags. Write fun and sweet messages inside the labels!}

{Tea time’s here! My special tea blend includes Hibiscus, an aromatic & delicious herbal flower that gives the tea a beautiful deep red color.}

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Coffee lover! I have a hard time truly getting my day started without my morning latte or cup of french press. But come afternoon or evening, I love a nice cup of herbal tea. Who doesn’t enjoy cuddling up with a book or magazine and a hot cup of tea on a cold Winter evening, right?

This DIY was so much fun to plan & execute! You can find the unfilled “press & seal” tea bags at your local health food store or Whole Foods and most spice houses or tea shops will have a wide variety of herbal blends and loose teas to choose from. Have fun with it, make up your own personal blend! If you prefer online shopping, Mountain Rose Herbs has everything you need, from the fill-your-own tea bags to a huge variety of loose teas.

Happy Valentine’s, Lovelies!


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

16 responses

  1. Beautiful – would I like to receive a bag of custom tea, with little custom tags, all made by my favorite children. I will have to send this suggestion to my sister.

    Thanks so much, again you have enriched my life!

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