DIY {Get Clippy}

Hello Lovelies! The weekend is practically upon us – Hooray!! But before I send you into the next few days of relaxation, possible festivities, and fun, it’s time for a little DIY. The Internet has been abuzz with Neon-Colored Jewelry DIYs as of late. And while I enjoy the trend, I am finding myself growing a tiny bit bored with Neon (I know, ALREADY!?) – sorry, I had to be honest.

Sooo…why not continue to go full force with another fun trend I’ve been loving?! Ombreeee. I found these adorable bow-shaped vintage shoe clips at last week’s Randolph Street Antique Market (for a whopping $6) and immediately had this fun idea. You can use all sorts of old/antique crystal jewelry for this project – brooches, pins, necklaces, rings, bracelets – whatever strikes your fancy. Enjoy!

{Here’s all you’ll need – your jewelry piece of choice, and an ombre-hued lineup of nail polishes. The Clear top coat isn’t completely necessary, but a thin coat of it will help seal the colors at the end.}

{Here I am in action – taking a picture of yourself while painting tiny crystal studs is not as easy as it may seem.}

{After a few thin coats, and about 30 minutes of drying time – here they are! These colors just make me smile and think of Summer (even though it’s currently snowing here in Chicago.)}

{And Voila! Here they are, beautifully sprucing up a pair of old (and slightly tired) Repetto Ballerina Flats.}


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

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  1. Oh dear, you have Repetto ballet flats and I’m absolutely jealous. However, painting the shoe clip studs is quite a clever idea. I just purchased some chiffon shoe clips from BHLDN and they look like little off white cotton balls on my brown flats.

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