A {Sweet} Ticket

Wow!! Talk about Chocolate Heaven!! As you can see, I’ve been having a blast with this little Choco-inspired photo shoot. Yesterday (and part of this morning) I transformed part of my house into a set – complete with props and accessories – and took way too many pictures of these yummy & decadent chocolate treats from The Ticket Kitchen.

Before I go any further, let me briefly preface this: I am an absolutely independent (The Ticket Kitchen knows nothing of my obsession…) fan of their innovative and delicious products! They neither pay me for this post nor do I get any kind of discounts with them. I simply feel that this Female-owned company deserves mad props for doing what they’re doing!

Anyhoo….with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, I decided to go ahead and give myself an excuse to order pretty much every Hot Coco Stick flavor they currently offer and inspire you all to maybe give it a try sometime, too. Their flavors run the gamut from simple & creamy French Milk Truffle, to daring & spicy Chili Dark Chocolate. The Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate is my current favorite. You can order any flavor in single-serving sticks, get a sweet little “Serving for Two”, which also includes homemade marshmallows to add to your hot coco, or you can go all the way and order a larger variety pack. Their simple, and eco-friendly packaging is beautiful – these little boxes are perfect gifts for chocolate lovers dontcha think?!


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

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