Currently Lunching at {Arami}

{Arami’s Simple but impressive Dessert Menu. The Narutotai Sake looks as beautiful as it tastes!}

{The Togarashi Seared Tuna, served atop a beautiful Seaweed Salad and drizzled with a refreshing Meyer Lemon Dressing.}

{Side-view of the Seared Tuna’s Crust…perfection! I could eat this dish all day long.}

{The Hamachi Maguro Ebi Maki is Divine – one of the best rolls I’ve ever tasted.}

{So delicious, it doesn’t even need the Ginger.}

{Arami’s Namesake Ramen Noodle Pot comes loaded with fresh Pork Belly, Braised Beef, House-pickled Cucumber, Enoki Mushrooms, and a perfectly Poached Egg.}

{A perfect Hot Pot of comfort…}

{And for Dessert…A Trio Of Mochi Ice Cream. This time around the flavors were Green Tea, Red Bean, and Mango.}

Chicago has its fair share of reliable & flashy Sushi Spots, but in my opinion none of them can touch relative newcomer Arami (it opened its doors in the Summer of 2010.) It’s a low-key and unpretentious place, yet it’s beautifully decorated and the food is absolutely on point each and every time! I hope that my pictures can do the menu justice, because every item I’ve ever ordered has been fresh, delicious, and inventive. Thank you Chef/Co-Owner Byung Park for adding this amazing spot to Chicago’s dining scene! If you haven’t tried Arami yet, I suggest you make your way to West Town and eat up.


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

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