Just What the Doctor ordered.

{One of the most Delicious & Satisfying BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches in Town! The Sweet Potato Fries aren’t too Shabby either.}

{Make sure you try one (or all!) of the House-Made Sauces! The “Smoky” is my Personal Favorite.}

{Washing it all down with a Chilled Artisan Draft Beer is always a good Idea…}

Hello, Monday! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and a great start into 2012! If you feel like me, then this weekend of debauchery and late-nights has left you longing for some Winter comfort food. So, let’s momentarily forget about those diet New Year’s Resolutions, and eat up. More often than not, when I think of true comfort food, I crave old fashioned BBQ. Here in Chicago, I head straight to Lillie’s Q.

Lillie’s Q has been on the top of my list of delicious BBQ restaurants since it opened in 2010. Their meats are always prime and the sides (think deliciously cheesy Mac N’ Cheese or perfectly crispy Sweet Potato Fries!) are crave-worthy. Chef McKenna named the restaurant after both his maternal grandmother Lillie – who taught Charlie the art of southern cooking as a boy – and for his father, Quito, who is an award-winning barbecue pit master. Chicago’s Metropolitan Brewing Company created Lillie’s Q Lager specifically for the restaurant, so make sure to try a pint (it pairs heavenly with the Smokey Barbequed Meats.) In addition, there are over 40 all-American craft beers on offer, so there’s never a shortage of cold brews. Ok, enough talk….I’m off to get some food! What’s your favorite Barbeque spot in Chicago or your city?


{All Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

{P.S.: If you’re more into Enjoying Food in the Comfort of your Home, Lillie’s Q has fast & efficient Take-Out. Just call them at this number.}

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  1. Okay, that picture is making me wish I had a big messy pulled pork sandwich right now! Yikes, and it’s only 11 in the morning! Haha guess I’ll just have to wait.

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