The Lighter Side of Things.

Oh, I love the Holidays. A lot! I especially love all of the rich & decadent desserts that come along with the Season. But after stuffing myself for days on end with spiced cookies, peanut butter balls, pecan-chocolate and/or pumpkin pies, and rum bonbons, I’m now in the mood for something a little more fresh and light. Enter one of my faves: The Lemon Tart! Its perfectly sour filling melts in your mouth and the sweet & crunchy shell is such a nice complement. The addition of a lightly torched meringue topper – while not completely necessary – adds a wonderful airy sweetness to every bite. Yum!

Find the Tart recipe here and if you’re feeling ambitious, here’s an easy Meringue topping recipe! Have fun and save me a bite!


{Photos by Miss Renaissance.}

5 responses

  1. I agree the heavy pies people eat during november and december can be a bit much, but we just keep on eating on haha. Did you torch the merengue or use the broiler? It looks perfect.

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