West Coast Charmer {Amandine}

{Delicious Breakfast Pastries & a Perfect Cafe Latte – what else does a girl need in the morning?}

{Feel like a more substantial meal to start your day? Options abound.}

{Fresh Seasonal Fruit Tarts…it’s like being back in Europe.}

I’m so excited to tell you about one of my favorite places in Los Angeles! Amandine is a beautifully cozy, European-Style Bakery & Cafe in West LA. I never take a trip out West without at least stopping in for a Coffee & a Pastry. This time around I came armed with my camera and little bit of time to spare. I found out (not to my surprise) that they make everything they sell completely from scratch – even more reason to support this small business. If you live in LA, or ever visit, stop in and try one of their heavenly slices of cake, tart, or just pick up a loaf of freshly baked bread for dinner – and save me a slice!

And with that I leave you to your own devices on this beautiful Holiday Weekend. Have a great time celebrating and feasting with your loved ones. I’ll see you right here next week.


{All Pictures by Miss Renaissance.}

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