Mini Tarts…the new Cupcake?

{Fruute’s beautifully simplistic display of Mini Tarts}

{A sampling of Holiday-inspired flavors, from top left: Cherry Puff, Mango Ganache, Budino, Pomegranate Cup, Sea Salt Caramel, Apple Crumble, Snowball, Pumpkin Spice, Pecan.}

{Another incredible spread. This time more of the “Everyday Luxe” Mini Pie variety.}

{And here they are again, yum yum, from top left: Tiramisu, Budino, Sea Salt Caramel, Baileys Puff, Three Berries, Araguani, Orange Wasabi, Yuzu, Black Pepper Chocolate.}

{Alexandra & Joshua, Fruute’s cheery and super helpful team members who showed me around the shop and let me taste the goodies.}

{Fruute’s packaging mirrors the company’s simplistic and clean style. Fruute currently only ships its cookies nationwide – There are 4 flavors to choose from: Sea Salt caramel Shortbread, Raspberry Almond Cookies, Chocolate Pistachio Wafers, and Dried Fruit and Oatmeal Cookies.}

Hello and good morning from sunny Los Angeles! I’ve been busy busy busy, eating, photographing and shopping my way through town. It’s been such a nice change of scenery from Wintery-cold Chicago.

Yesterday I had the absolute honor of profiling Fruute, Los Angeles’ newest Pastry Paradise. Let me tell you, this place is Heaven!!
As soon as I walked into the serene and modern space, I knew I was in for something revolutionary. Fruute opened its doors just about 5 short months ago and it’s already become a hit with the locals (and with me!) Their meticulously hand-crafted mini pies are little pieces of art. Just looking at the display case, with all of the beautiful colors and textures, made me giddy.

There are 16 tart flavors, some are staples, and some change with the Seasons. The flavor profiles range from a classicly fresh and clean Three Berry Tart filled with creamy vanilla custard, to the more “curious” flavor profiles, such as the Wasabi Tart – a rare blend of spicy Japanese horseradish and blood orange cream, that’s layered with vanilla frangipane and topped with mint leaf tempura. Can we say, WOW?!

Fruute prides itself in creating its little treasures from organic quality ingredients, and the tarts are made fresh & on-site daily. Every tart I tasted was delicious and lived up to its name. My personal favorite was the Black Pepper Chocolate Tart, which delivered a seriously unexpected  pepper kick amidst a bittersweet chocolate cream enveloped in a perfectly baked chocolate crust.

Can’t you just imagine your next party or event showcasing these beauties on clean, white platters? Or how about bringing a few of these minis as a hostess gift instead of the tired-and-true box full of cupcakes?? In my opinion, these might just be the new cupcake! So, if you’re in the LA area – give Fruute a try. I’ll miss these little buggers….Chicago needs a Fruute asap!


{All photos by Miss Renaissance}

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