Pretty Pretty, Please.

{Thank Goodness for Stockings, right? They can hold so many beautiful and fun things! It’s like getting additional presents that don’t really count…or so I’d like to think :-}

Every lady out there loves beauty products! So here are a few of my personal faves as well as some that I’d love to have & try out. Gentlemen, if you have special women in your life – TAKE NOTE and run to the nearest laptop to click on some of these beautiful little gems:

  1. Tocca Viaggio mini collection (beautiful little bottles and even more beautiful scents from Italy.)
  2. Silk Bralette & Short set by La Fee Verte (feel free to lounge and show a little skin by the fire…oohh lala!)
  3. Scented Gold & White Drawer Liners (keep your precious personal drawers lined with these Jasmine&Bitter Orange scented liners.)
  4. Detox Bath Infusion by Elemental Herbology (add a few drops of this organic potion to your bath and relax, detox and tune out.)
  5. Goji Scented Candle by Voluspa (This candle is just plain gorgeous! The deep red glass jar and the fresh citrus scent are so festive.)
  6. Marvis Jasmine & Mint Toothpaste (a fun way to brush those pearly whites every day – the Jasmin&Mint flavor adds a nice twist.)
  7. Pear & Cream Bath Soap (this beautifully packaged soap breaks off like chocolate – and melts into a delicious poached pear scent.)
  8. Gold Leather/Textured Canvas reversible mini clutch (your amazing beauty products deserve an amazing “home”, no?)
  9. Limited edition Chanel Illusion D’Or Nail Polish (because it’s the Holidays….and because I am obsessed with anything gold!!)

Happy clickedy-clicking! xo

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